Who we are
The Federation of Olympia is a Non-profit Civil Society established in 2014. It aims to promote and spread the Olympic Ideal, as it was formed during the Ancient Olympic Games, and to implement projects and activities relating to the promotion of the land which gave birth to the Olympic Games and the view of the Truce as a prerequisite for the participation in the Games. It aims at reconciling nations and fighting against discriminations in general, both nationally and globally, understanding cultural differences, fostering communication and solidarity between different cultures through sports, but also at developing social solidarity actions to reduce poverty and deprivation of underprivileged population groups and their access to the society of knowledge.
Inspired by Pausanias’ reference to the Elis-Olympia mountain route and trying to connect the ancient with the modern, we have begun through funding from the Leader program, the promotion and mapping of a mountain path that served the communication between Ancient Elis (the host city of the Olympic Games) and Ancient Olympia (the sacred site where the Olympic Games were held), under the name: “Eco-touristic Route Elis – Olympia: The Route of Truce” and an attempt to communicate its existence both in Greece and abroad, so that it may become the central point of athletic and cultural activities.


General Assembly
Our members


Sofia Hintziou: She is the President of the Federation of Olympia. She was born in Skotoussa Serres. She is married to G. Kontogiannis and mother of two sons. She has studied public relations and business administration. She has worked in the Press Office of the political party Nea Democratia. (1979-1990), at the Prime Minister’s Press Office (1990-93), at the Hellenic Parliament’s Directorate for Stenographic Services and Parliament Minutes. She is the President of the Group of Ilians for Culture and Development “Politia Elidas-Olympias”. And she is one of the authors of the book series “Greeks’ Time” and “Hellenism and Orthodoxy”.


Konstantinos Kalentis: He is the Vice President of the Federation of Olympia, CEO of Zephirus Business Consultants. He is a founding member of the “Synthesis” Dialogue Community, a member of the Academy for Strategic Analysis, a member of the Division of International Relations, Foreign Policy and Defense at the Institute for Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis and a Mentor in AllilonNet. He is a graduate of Baker University, with postgraduate studies at York University, UK, and Harvard Kennedy School of Government on National and International Security.


Anna Papaioannou – Georgakopoulou: She is the Secretary-General of the Federation of Olympia. She was born in Louvro of Ilia in 1961. She is married to Leonidas Georgakopoulos (retired police officer and president of the Society of three-child families of the Prefectureof Ilia) and they have three children. She is a graduate of the Ekali School of Early Childhood Education and the Department of Primary Education at the University of Ioannina. She is the principal of the 1st Preschool of Pyrgos. She has been actively involved in local administration from 2000-2008 in the Municipality of Pyrgos and since 2014 she has been elected city councilor in the Municipality of Ancient Olympia where she serves as Vice President of the City Council.


Konstantinos Kontogiannis: He was born in Athens in 1990 and comes from Vartholomio of Ilia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA Interior Architecture FIRST CLASS HONOURS) from the College Vakalo, validated by the University of Derby, UK. He has previous working experience in the areas of interior design, decoration, architectural materials, graphic design, exhibition / event organizing, video editing as well as assistant director. He has also been an active member of the Scouts of Greece since 1996 and has offered great voluntary work there.


Lykourgos Papaioannou: He was born in August 1959 in Pyrgos Ilia. He is married to Salome Samouhou and they have one daughter. He is a graduate of the Department of Public Administration of the Panteion University and holds a Masters Degree in Regional Development. He has worked at the Press Office of the political party Nea Democratia, served as a Special Assistant at the Press Office of the Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis. He has worked in the Hellenic Parliament and he retired as Head of Staff. He is fluent in English and French.


Thanos Kalamidas: A Greek in Paris and London and Berlin and Tokyo and recently in Helsinki. For twenty years he has been a sniper and an analyst for British media with correspondence from South Africa to China, from Nicaragua to Sudan. In recent years he is an analyst for Scandinavian, British and French publications on issues that mainly concern the European community.


Dimitris Kontogiannis: He was born in Athens in 1986 and comes from Vartholomio of Ilia. He studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Physics. He is the administrator of apopseis.gr and an advertiser (specializes in social media). He also works as a coordinator and facilitator in empirical training programs for executives and employees in Greek and multinational companies. He has also been an active member of the Scouts of Greece since 1996 and has offered great voluntary work there.


Nikos Alexandropoulos: Architect Engineer


Konstantinos Tsigkaras – Konstantinidis: He was born in Thessaloniki in 1977. He studied computer science. Distinguished Sailing Athlete.


Honorary Members
• Titos Athanasiadis, journalist, historian, writer
• Alexandros Angelopoulos, CEO of the Aldemar Group
• Katerina Polymerou – Kamilaki, Dr. of Literature, Director of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre


• AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Society


Funding sources
• Partnership Agreement ESPA “Leader”
• Costopoulos Foundation


MEDIA SPONSORS OF activities / events
• Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency (ANA-MPA)
• Hellenic Association of Sports Press PSAT
• The BEST News
• Running News.gr
• Apopseis.gr
• The Ovi
• A Greek Adventure
• Greek teachers
• Db8.gr


Sponsors-Supporters of activities / events
• Legea
• ETHNIKI The First Insurance
• Organization of Football Prognostics OPAP
• AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company
• Loux
• PIK Kininis
• TERZIS Super Market
• Mercouri Estate
• Alfeios Rodi Ltd
• Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Ilia Olympia AES AE
• FARGECO Hellas
• Pyrgos Trade Association
• LOURIDA General Insurance
• Signature Travel