Ancient Pisa – Ancient Olympia: The Route of Kleosthenis 2025 (5klm)


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The race is dedicated to King Kleosthenis of Pisa, one of the 3 who signed the Olympic Truce (Ifitos king of Ilida and Lycurgos of Sparta).

On ……, ………. in the ……., for the 5th year, a Route of Truce will be held, dedicated to the King of ancient Pisa, Kleosthenis, the “The Route of Kleosthenis 2025”, 5km race with the participation of adults and minors.

The runners will start from the church of Agia Kyriaki in Ancient Pisa, pass by the tombs of the Hellanodikais (chief judges at the Ancient Olympic Games), in front of the International Olympic Academy and the ancient Olympia Stadium and end up at the old town hall of Ancient Olympia.

Start: The start will be given at ……., in front of the church of Agia Kyriaki in the village of Ancient Pisa.

Route: The race will take place on a route with small ups and downs (there is a downhill dirt road part) with the finish point at the square of the old City Hall of Ancient Olympia.

Registrations: The number of entries will be limited. Participation in the race is free and there will be a time trial.

Registration is open to all.



Map of the Pisa-Olympia route “The Route of Kleosthenis”:

On the map below you can see all the routes:

Short video of the Route of Kleosthenis 2021: