Pnyka – Panathenaic Stadium 2017

On Friday the 5th of May 2017, for the first time, a race of Truce was held from Pnika (a symbol of free spirit and expression) to the Panathenaic Stadium (symbol of the modern Olympic Games). The 5th of May Route of Truce was dedicated to the need for Truce and Peace around the world and especially to Syria.

The course was headed by the President of the Grigoris Lambrakis Foundation and son of the Peace Marathon runner, Mr. Grigoris Lambrakis, and of course, just as on the 1st Route of Olympic Truce in 2016 at the path of Truce, by the great Greek long-distance runner, lieutenant Ioannis Kouros. 10 Olympic winners, the National Team of Refugees, members of the Parliament, of the local administration (1st and 2nd degree), members of embassies, as well as people of literature, arts, sports and sports clubs from all over Attica also took part in the event.