List of runners who successfully completed the Route of Truce 2017 

For the second year, the “Route of Truce” was held with great success on Sunday May 14, 2017, from Ancient Elis to Ancient Olympia, on the “Eco-touristic route Elis – Olympia: The Route of Truce”, sending the universal message of Peace that results through Truce.

Runners from Greece and abroad met at 5:45a.m at the old Museum of Ancient Elis; the place where all started for Ancient Olympia, the place where all shall end, covering a distance of 49.8km. Each runner became a messenger of Truce that leads to Peace. Throughout the way, runners were applauded by the locals who eagerly supported them since dawn, with local treats, water, juices and fruits.

The moment when the runners were entering the city of Ancient Olympia and all shopkeepers together with their clients got out in the streets and cheered the participants of the Route of Truce, was characteristic. The desire to participate and promote the message of Truce is also apparent by the fact that most volunteers were getting off the cars assisting the runners with water and juice and they run with them for several kilometers, thus trying to experience even for a while, the multiple emotions created to the runners through their participation in this unique event of the Route of Truce. The closing ceremony and the awarding of medals to the runners was attended by the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. Efthymis Kotzias, the President of Elis Municipal Council, Mr. Andreas Nikolakopoulos, Ms. Anna Karamanli member of the parliament and Head of the division of culture and sports of Nea Dimokratia political party representing the President of ND Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the former member of the parliament Mr. Giorgos Kontogiannis, the Deputy Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. Deves, the responsible for cultural matters of UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands Mr. Vasilis Moschou, municipal councilors and local institutions. The youngest runner who successfully completed the entire route was 16-year-old Nontas Kagianas, son of the President of the Local Community of Elis, Mr. Nikos Kagianas.

The event closed with the dancing performance of the Cultural and Folklore Association named “H Oleni”. The opening ceremony of the Route of Truce 2017 was conducted in the afternoon of the previous day, on Saturday the 13th of May, at the patio of the new Museum of Ancient Elis. The event opened with an act by the Zacharo School of dancing “En Choro” (dance instruction by Ms. Athanasia Nikoletopoulou and costumes by Aimilia Giannopoulou’s workshop of traditional folk costumes) and by the Special Vocational High-School of Pyrgos (with the teacher, Ms. Maria Drakopoulou)

In her welcome speech, the President of the Federation of Olympia, Ms. Sofia Hintziou Kontogianni, emphasized on the goal to send a message for the need to promote and realize one of the values that consisted the fundamental condition for the conduct of the ancient Olympic Games; the value of Truce, connecting the ancient with the modern. The Mayor of Elis, Mr. Christos Christodoulopoulos mentioned that it is a great pleasure and honor for the Municipality of Elis, to actively participate as a co-organizer in the Route of Truce and he pointed out that: “It is up to us not to give up and continue spreading the message of Truce throughout the world”. More than ever, the Sacred Truce must be a supreme act of responsibility. A concept that makes people set aside the “me” and bring on the surface the “we”, through good sportsmanship, fair-play and the sporting ideal. I would like to wholeheartedly thank all those who contributed to this year’s event, along with the dozens of volunteers thanks to whom this year’s result will be once again positive. At the same time, I would like to thank the dozens of athletes who for another year have decided to participate in this difficult and arduous mountain route, which unites Elis, the host city of the ancient Olympic Games, with the holy site of Olympia. The Municipality of Elis supports and will support all efforts for the revival of the historic institution of Truce and we are particularly delighted that the establishment of the Route of Truce seems to be realized. A greeting was conveyed by the Director of Primary Education of Ilia, Mr. Panagiotis Zevlas.

Ioanna Mastora, Dr. of Olympic Studies, spoke at the event for the Olympic Ideals and the journalist Giannis Theodorakopoulos [President of the Panhellenic Sports Journalists Association (PSAT) for 14 years, and Vice President of the International Sports Press Association, awarded by the IOC] spoke about the modern Olympic Games. In her speech, Dr. Ioanna Mastora pointed out that “According to the ancient traveler Pausanias, the King of Elis Iphitos sought the counsel of the oracle of Delphi on how Greece would be relieved from the famines and civil wars. He got the answer that he and the people of Elis had to revive the Olympic Games. Along with Cleisthenes of Pisa and Lycurgus of Sparta, he established the Sacred Truce, the text of which was inscribed on a bronze disc. Ever since, the areas of Elis and Olympia were declared sacred and no armed man was ever allowed to cross them. The death penalty and important court decisions were suspended during the truce. Three truce bearing heralds were first announcing the sacred truce one month before the beginning of the games, and from the 5th century BC 3 months before, so that the athletes and spectators could arrive safely to Olympia from all the then known Greek world.

The Olympic Games constituted a strong moral bond amongst the Greeks, of all races, of all cities, both mainland and islands, metropolises and colonies. It was the most important “celebration of the Greeks”, the pan-Hellenic center for sport publicity for the works of physical and spiritual virtue, and one of the most solid foundations of the moral unity and national consciousness of Hellenism. Many distinguished philosophers, educators, enlightened writers, archaeologists, sociologists, politicians have studied the profound meaning of the Olympic Games, whose cultural impact has been strong and impulsive for all Greeks and subsequently for all civilizations.” Mr. Giannis Theodorakopoulos emphasized that from its revival by Pierre de Coubertin until now, the Olympic movement has been a key element in the peace and fraternity of peoples, and it is true that the modern Olympic Games have continuously suffered bigger or smaller strikes from acts of war and terrorism. However, he pointed out that in recent years the situation is much better and it is characteristic that all countries participate in the Olympic Games. He specifically mentioned that the ceasefire agreement was discussed at the UN General Assembly in 1993 and the ILO’s efforts to move forward. Finally he clarified that all of us together and especially we Greeks must strive so that someday we shall see the truce as a reality.



Mr. Kostas Chatzis, who headed the course, was awarded with a special plaque for traveling his own route of truce in order to run on the “Route of Truce 2017”, driving from the Netherlands to Ancient Elis. Little Giorgos deeply affected us, not only with the strength of his soul to participate in the dance performance of the Special Vocational High School of Pyrgos, but also with his declaration that next year he will be standing on his feet and he will be walking. The event closed with the 6-year-old pupil of the 1st Kindergarten of Pyrgos, Natalia Galiatsatos, who recited the Olympic Anthem. At the same time, during the event, an art exhibition was held with works by local and uniformed artists, in collaboration with Mr. Chr. Chasa and Ms. Eleni Stathopoulou. Ms. Annita Patsourakis, art historian and curator of the art exhibitions held in Athens, attended the event. The cultural associations of Elis “I ILIDA”, of Kalyvia-Elis and Avgeios “O FYLEAS” offered local treats, tsipouro and wine from the Merkouri estate. The Route of Truce was conducted under the auspices of His Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, organized by the “Federation of Olympia” in cooperation with the Municipalities of Elis and Ancient Olympia, with the following cooperating support Organizations: the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, the Prefecture of Peloponnese, the Municipality of Sparta, the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the Greek National Tourism Organisation, the International Olympic Truce Centre, with the following supporting institutions: the National Olympic Academy, the Grigoris Lambrakis Foundation, the Panhellenic Union of Physical Education Graduates, the Panhellenic Fitness Clubs Association, the Attica Gym Owners Association, with the technical support of the Higher Sports Council of Armed Forces (ASAED), with the support of the Panhellenic Sports Journalists Association (PSAT), the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), BEST,, OVI MAGAΖINE,,, Greekteachers and all local media in Elis. We express our warmest thanks to the Hellenic Police and the Traffic Divisions, the Volunteer Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguard Corps of Amaliada, the dozens of volunteers, the supporting Sponsors: Legea, OPAP, Ethniki Asfalistiki, AUTOUNIT-N. Poulakis AEBE, Loux, Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Ilia Olympia, PIK Kininis, Merkouri Estate, super market Terzis, ILVIGAL Kalomiris, Fargeco hellas, for their catalytic role in the proper organization of the “Route of Truce” as well as to every citizen of Ilia for their assistance to the athletes.





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