The Route of Truce; a unique celebration of Peace

The success of this year’s Route of Truce, organized by the Federation of Olympia on Sunday, May 5, from Ancient Ilida to Ancient Olympia, proves that a new institution has been established in the country’s running events, which every year is embraced more and more by society.

Almost 550 runners, more than any other year, passed through 13 villages of the semi-mountainous Ilia in order to arrive to Ancient Olympia and convey the message of Truce that was a prerequisite for the conduct of the ancient Olympic Games.

The course began at 6:00am and despite the changing weather conditions (sun, wind, clouds, rain) the runners entered Olympia shortly after 4:00pm with spectators cheering them on from the sidewalks.

The particularity of the Route of Truce, which was conducted for the fourth consecutive year, is that it is not a competition. Winning is reaching the finish line and for that reason, all runners who finish the course are awarded with a numbered medal. The Route is based on the same basic idea as the Truce, the application of which, when successful, leads to peace.

The runners started in the morning and passed through 13 villages (Dafni, Keramidia, Dafniotissa, Peristeri, Cheimadio, Sopi, Latzoi, Karatoula, Magoula, Iraklia, Pournari, Pelopio, Platanos) where the locals welcomed them with traditional treats. The residents of all the villages crossed by the Route of Truce, were prepared for the big event. Every year, the locals become volunteers and they offer to the runners the unique hospitality of Ilia, welcoming them not only with water and juice but also with local treats made by the local associations. The runners rested and regrouped for the next village and this continued until the finish line, in Ancient Olympia.

Despite the rain that fell at about the 30th km (from Cheimadio to Sopi), the runners were not discouraged and they kept on heading towards the universal symbol of Olympic Values; Olympia!

The view of the Olympia pedestrian walkway being flooded by runners left no one untouched, as it consists only a small sample of what this region can offer, not only to the area of Ilia, but also to the entire Greek territory, with its unique history and breathtaking beauty.

Yesterday, at the Cultural Center of Amaliada, the opening ceremony was held by the Mayor of Ilida, Christos Christodoulopoulos and the Deputy Minister of Education, Dimitris Baxevanakis, who praised the role of the Route’s organizer, the Federation of Olympia, in the promotion of the Olympic Values and Ilia.

The President of the Federation of Olympia, Ms. Sofia Hintziou Kontogianni, indicated that “Today, perhaps more than ever, this fundamental condition for the conduct of the Games – that of Truce – is the most important legacy of the Olympic movement. Because, in order for the people of the world and humanity as a whole to have a future, hostilities must cease between us and peace must prevail. And the first step is to tell them all together “let’s all set out to Olympia”.

The event hosted a happening with a representation of the Olympic sports by the students of the Skourochori Primary School, who implement the Erasmus program “School is the Flame”.

The event closed with a concert by the Passepartout band, during which runners and musicians joined each other on stage in a celebration of joy and entertainment.

Every year, the Route of Truce is organized by the “Federation of Olympia”. This year, the co-organizers were the Prefecture of Western Greece, the municipalities of Ilida, Pyrgos and Ancient Olympia, the cooperating support Organization was the International Olympic Truce Center, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Tourism, CISM, NATO, the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the National Olympic Academy of Greece, the Association of Olympic Winners of Greece, the Pan-Hellenic Women’s Sports Club “H Kallipateira” and with the technical support of the Higher Sports Council of Armed Forces (ASAED), and the War Museum, the supporting institution of the Municipality of Sparta, the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation and WIIS HELLAS Women in International Security.

The events of the Federation of Olympia were supported by OPAP, AVANCE car rental, FARGECO Hellas, EL GRECO Stefanos Plafountzis, Loux, solidus securities stockbrokers, supporting suppliers PIK Kininis, Merkouri Estate, ILBIGAL Kalomoiris, ARISTOGEITON insurance consultants, Bioilis, PAPADOPOULOU cookies, PAPATHEODOROU nuts, Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Ilia Olympia, Federation of Commercial Unions of Elis (OESI).

The media sponsors were: ΕRΤ, ΕRΤ 3, ΕRΤ Pyrgos, the Panhellenic Sports Journalists Association (PSAT), RUNNING NEWS.GR,,, The OVI, Greek Teachers.

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