Volunteers are one of the most important factors in a sports event, apart from the participating runners. The volunteers’ contribution to the preparation and proper conduct of the events of “Route of Truce”, a route dedicated to the great idea of the Truce, besides the significant experience that shall provide to the participants, it will also confer respect and recognition to the participating runners. The volunteers’ selfless offer as well as their valuable services contribute to the successful conduct of the event and the provision of high quality services to both the runners and the supported institutions of community service.

Fields of volunteering

Fields where volunteers can provide their assistance:


Period of Event Preparation

  • Prepare the equipment of runners and the material of the event
  • Registration Center

Race Day

  • Route Start (Route preparation and runners’ start sectors, collection of runners’ personal belongings)
  • Guarding of passes at all roads along the route
  • Operation of 16 supply stations
  • Finish (delivery of commemorative medals, supply of athletes, delivery of runners’ personal belongings)
  • Medical Services (doctors, physiotherapists, etc.)


The core of volunteers that will be created to support the organization and the activities of the event will be the one that will be present to all the sporting, cultural, environmental and social activities, promoting Elis, Olympia and our country, not just as an athletic but also a cultural, historical and of course touristic destination.

Alongside with the volunteers, we will try to become one family and through this event, to make the difference and demonstrate the human face of Ilia and the values of the Truce! Our truce, that was born in Ancient Elis! We need all of you by our side!



Volunteer Manager: Konstantinos Kontogiannis

Tel. +30 6942088015

e-mail: routeoftruce@gmail.com